My mission in creating Progress Notes is simple– I share my experiences and invite others to do the same. By using this outlet, I can show what it’s like to move into a profession, gain experience along the way, and navigate that awkward transition from student to professional. I hope to create an atmosphere that’s open, honest, uplifting, and fosters discussion and even networking between readers.

Here’s what you should know about Progress Notes.

  1. Progress Notes blog entries will NOT necessarily be written in APA format. We do enough of that when we’re writing reports and doing research. This blog is a conversational, interpersonal way to share my social work journey.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, this is my experience. I am not an authority and I will not attempt to say “This is the way things are.” I will refer readers to the appropriate resources when there are questions that I feel I cannot address. Additionally, my readers have the right to call me out if I try to put on the “Answer Lady” hat.
  3. I will not under any circumstances discuss case information in any entry of any kind on Progress Notes. This also applies to links I share and to posts by any guest authors. Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. I want YOU to trust that I am relaying my experience as simply that–mine alone–and not gossiping about clients, agencies, educational institutions, or professors.
  4. Respect is the most important principle behind this blog. Disrespectful entries have absolutely NO place on this site. That includes demeaning people of any race, ethnicity, gender, biological sex, sexual orientation, height, weight, age, socioeconomic class, or occupation. This rule applies to all comments, entries, and links posted on this site.
  5. We’re here for all the right reasons. Overall, this sharing website is designed to help you and I learn about social work in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. We’re not here to have a pity party, but to encourage one another.
For a better world,
Owner and Author
Progress Notes

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